Southeast Portland Little League

All Star and Honors Selections


SEPLL selects players for its All Star and Honors teams by a vote of the team managers. The Board of Directors must approve the final team rosters. Teams are typically announced on or after June 1.


Three factors affect the selection of players for tournament teams: (A) Eligibility, (B)  Availability, and (C)  Ability.


A. Eligibility:


Eligibility requires meeting three criteria: (1) Age, (2) Residence, and (3) Participation.


1. League Age: A player must be the appropriate League Age. For All Star Tournament play, an original birth certificate must be presented to District 2. For Honors Tournament play, a birth certificate is not required.


2. Residence: For All Star tournament play, a player must live in or attend school within the SEPLL boundary, or have an appropriate waiver. Players must present to District 2 three proofs of residence or one proof of school attendance. For Honors Tournament play, proofs of residence or school attendance is not required.


3. Participation: For All Star tournament play, a player must have participated in 60% of the regular season games in that division. This requirement does not apply to Honors Tournament play.


B. Availability: A player must be available for all practices and games. Families must plan their vacations accordingly.


C. Ability: A player’s ability is determined solely by the individuals making the team selections including managers and the Board of Directors.


Alternates: Players not selected for an All Star or Honors team may be placed in a pool to fill a vacancy if one arises and the Board of Directors decides to fill it.