Southeast Portland Little League

Honors Baseball

In an effort to give all Little League ball players the opportunity to experience tournament play, Oregon District #2 created the Honors Tournament in 2002. This full-scale tournament is exclusive to all currently registered players League Age 9 to 12 who have not been selected to an All Star team.

It is an honor to be selected as a member of an Honors team. There is also an additional commitment of time and effort required to participate. Tournament play season ends whenever tournament competition ends. The goal is for teams to progress as far into tournament play as possible.


The Honors time commitment consists of practices several times a week beginning about June 1. Schedules are not announced until mid to late June. Games will begin in late June or early July. The Tournament will last no more than one one week.

By committing to play in Honors, players and families agree to the following conditions:

Player will make best efforts to attend all practices and games.

Practices will start the week of June 1 and may be held on weekdays and weekends.


If you have questions, please contact the Baseball Player Agent at or Vice President of Softball at